Losing important files is something that all of us face from time lớn time. The files can disappear due khổng lồ user errors, such as accidentally deleted files or unsaved files. It can also be caused by reasons out of your control, such as a failed hard drive, or logical errors. But, this isn’t a cause for worry because you can easily retrieve these lost SKP files.

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What Is SKP tệp tin Type

As is evident from its name, the SKP tệp tin format is associated with Trimble SketchUp, a 3 chiều modeling computer program. SKP is a proprietary format, which means that detailed technical documentation about the tệp tin type is not available online.


The files themselves contain detailed information about 3d models that users may create. In addition khổng lồ user-defined models, SKP files also contain SketchUp models lượt thích doors, windows, etc. Having these components in SKP files allows users to lớn easily import them for use in bigger projects.

SKP files also tư vấn 3D printing, which is a major feature of the file format.

📖 Historically, the SKP tệp tin was first introduced in 2000, by a company called Last Software. Since then, the format, as well as the SketchUp program, has undergone various changes. It was acquired by Google in 2006 and then subsequently acquired by Trimble Navigation in 2012.

Read on khổng lồ find out how you can restore your missing SKP files, & resume work on your favorite 3d projects on SketchUp.

How to Recover Deleted SketchUp Files

The average user can take many paths to retrieve their missing data. Additionally, the recovery process doesn’t require extensive IT knowledge. This makes the idea of recovering data right at home, increasingly appealing.

To substantially improve your chances of complete data recovery, remember the tips listed below:

🚫 NEVER write new data lớn the affected HDD or SSD.⌛ START recovering your data as soon as possible.🏆 USE the best data recovery method first.
⚠️ Importantly, don’t try to recover data at trang chủ if the storage device is physically damaged. The same thing applies if your computer is equipped with a TRIM-enabled SSD. In both cases, it’s highly advisable to contact a professional data recovery service. Preferably, one that has a history of successful data recoveries.

How to lớn Recover Permanently Deleted SKP Files With Software

Without a question, the best way khổng lồ restore completely missing files at home is lớn use a third-party data recovery solution. Users need to lớn simply download the program, then run a scan. It is easy to lớn do and most importantly, it has a good success rate. But, it’s important to lớn choose a decent application, otherwise, you would be wasting your money and time.

💬 A great many users swear by Disk Drill, an extremely capable data recovery solution. It has a host of features such as the ability khổng lồ save and load scan sessions, & partial RAID capability. You can even scan bad devices using the program.

Step 5 Click on Review found items after the scan completes.


Step 6 Select all the files that you’d like to restore. The filter feature will prove useful in narrowing down the list.

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Please note: check the file’s Recovery chances lớn make sure the tệp tin is recoverable.

Step 7 Select the Recover option. Pick a recovery location and ensure it is on a different partition or a different storage device lớn avoid overwriting other files that were deleted from the disk.


Recover SKP from Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash

Both Windows và macOS have directories that temporarily keep your deleted files. The directories are called Windows Recycle Bin & Mac Trash, sometimes referred to as Bin, in the newer versions of Macintosh.

If you believe you unwittingly deleted your SKP files, you will be able to lớn find and restore them from here.

Restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin, và Trash, using the steps below:

🪟 Windows Recycle Bin

Step 1 xuất hiện Recycle Bin using the desktop shortcut.


Step 2 Pick the SKP files you want khổng lồ recover.

Step 3 Now, right-click the file, then choose the Restore option. Alternatively, you can use the Restore all items option khổng lồ recover all the files in the Recycle Bin.


🍏 Mac Trash

Step 1 Click on the Bin icon in macOS to mở cửa the Trash folder.


Step 2 Select the SKP files you want khổng lồ restore.

Step 3 Right-click on the relevant SKP files > Put Back. The tệp tin will be restored back to its original location.


How to lớn Recover Unsaved SketchUp Document

If you forgot khổng lồ save your work in SketchUp, we’ve prepared a few solutions khổng lồ help you get back khổng lồ the previous version of your file.

Recover Unsaved SKP Files with Windows tệp tin History & Mac Time Machine

Another nifty feature, in Windows & macOS, is an automatic backup. Referred khổng lồ as Windows tệp tin History và Mac Time Machine, both features work similarly. They back up multiple versions of your files at regular intervals.