Vegeta gets a taste of humility when he takes on a seemingly invincible opponent in tonight's dragon Ball Super.

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After Vegeta’s defeat, it’s revealed that “Flawless Hit’s” super tốc độ is actually a little more complicated than that. It’s in fact a “Time Skip” technique that allows Hit to lớn essentially freeze time while he’s still able to move for a fraction of a second. Hit continues to abuse this ability against Goku, but when it looks like he’s going to lớn surrender and become another of Hit’s many victims, Goku surprises everyone.

Observant viewers have noticed that Hit has carefully been studying his opponents during their many fights so he can learn their techniques & cultivate a plan khổng lồ use against them. It’s exactly why Goku and Vegeta have been holding back in a lot of these battles in order to retain some secrecy khổng lồ their fighting. Goku turns the tables on Hit by doing the exact same thing against him. Goku has to lớn take a beating in the process, but it allows him lớn understand how Hit’s “Time Skip” move works, which is the key to taking him down. Jaco & the King of the Universe help break down Hit’s “Time Skip” technique by explaining that it basically allows him lớn freeze time for only 0.1 seconds, but that’s still enough time for Hit khổng lồ gain the upper hand. The secret lies in Goku predicting Hit’s future movements, so even with a time skip, Goku’s still ahead of the curve.

Goku’s confidence doesn’t shake Hit. In fact, Hit’s certain that any evasion on Goku’s part is simply luck và that it’d be impossible to lớn figure out how his ability works in that little time.

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Clearly Hit has never met someone lượt thích Goku before though & he quickly proves that his dodging is no fluke. With all of the games out of the way, Goku is determined to lớn have a real battle here where neither of them hold back in any way. With the pleasantries & parlor tricks now over with, the stage is mix for arguably the most explosive battle of this tournament. Universe 7 gets one step closer khổng lồ elimination this episode và it looks lượt thích this showdown between Goku and Hit might be the final fight of this satisfying display of power nguồn between universes. 

“Engage the Assassin Hit!!” is another enjoyable episode of dragon Ball Super that offers up some fantastic fight scenes while also finding the time for some rather humorous non sequiturs. Jaco & Goku’s “Invisible Man” digression is some fun nonsense. As is the discussion that Hit should maybe be arrested for his special ability, but Goku insists that Jaco leave him alone so he can still fight him. Jaco remains khổng lồ be the delightful wild thẻ that seems to lớn work well with any character. Any time he shares a few lines of dialogue with someone new I instantly want khổng lồ see them patrolling the galaxy in a spinoff together. 

Additionally, lượt thích many of the fights throughout this tournament, this episode helps ease the audience into things while also demystifying Goku & Vegeta’s latest enemy. Goku is ready to lớn move onto business and it looks like Dragon Ball Super is as well, with the next few episodes promising an action-packed conclusion. 

Or maybe Goku gets knocked out at the đứng top of next week’s episode & it’s just a Monaka showcase for trăng tròn minutes.