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I love TX Chainsaw Massacre III don"t understand why some horror fans hate it and don"t even try to understand itYou can"t have the original without this film i understand it"s a dark comedy with over the top goreBut, that"s where all it"s charm is it"s not trying to mimic the previous film it stands on it"s own trying to be a completely different animalBut, the debate over this film being under-rated or loathed is for another timeThe breakdownMGM Blu Ray version (Released Sep 11, 2012)Rated X VersionResolution: 1080pOriginal aspect ratio: 1.85:1Audio DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 , French:Dolby Digital MonoExtras:Audio Commentary One with director Tobe Hooper and documentary filmmaker David GregoryAudio Commentary Two: with actors Bill Moseley and Caroline Williams, special effects creator Tom Savini, and DVD producer Michael Felsher,The Cutting Room Floor (cut scenes/workprint footage all in SD , It Runs in the Family:feature-length making-of retrospective also in SD& Original Theatrical Trailer (1080p)This blu ray is awesome for all the extras ported over from the Gruesome Edition dvdthe film itself isn"t that strong in terms of pure 1080p HD it does though run cirles around the dvd so that should account for somethingit"s also not at horrid as the first print BR of the Original Robocop MGM put out during the HD Format war!you get a lot of stuff on a single disc that"s for sureBesides the upcoming Scream Factory Collector"s edition there is another route to goArrow"s BR version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II The Buzz is Back Limited Edition of 10000 (Released Nov 11, 2013)50GB Blu-ray Disc Three-disc set (2 BDs, 1 DVD) DVD copy Region (B)Resolution: 1080pAudio: English: LPCM 2.0also presented uncut aka Rated Xextras are 1/2 ports from the MGM Blu Ray and the other 1/2 are Arrow exclusives(You get all the extras from the Gruesome Edition) plus the following*****Trailer - original Cannon trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2*****Image Gallery - a collection of production stills,*****.Still Feelin" The Buzz - in this video interview, horror expert Stephen Thrower, author of Nightmare USA and Beyond Terror, discusses some of the challenges director Tobe Hooper faced when he decided to shoot a sequel to his legendary 1974 film,****Cutting Moments with Bob Elmore - in this video interview, stunt performer Bob Elmore (Leatherface) recalls his contribution to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,****Alternate Opening Sequence - the original opening credits for the film played over an eerie nighttime landscape, highlighted by shots of the moon shrouded in clouds. Additionally, this unused introduction for the film features a completely different opening theme. Some portions of this theme can be heard in the background of other scenes in the final theatrical version of the film!,Blu-ray 2****The Heisters (1965) - this early short film directed by Tobe Hooper has been restored in HD. Music only. (11 min, 1080p). Region-Free. ,*****Eggshells (1969-1971) - this early film directed by Tobe Hooper has been restored in HD. In English (LPCM 1.0), with optional English SDH subtitles. Region-Free. (90 min, 1080p).*****Audio Commentary - this audio commentary features director Toby Hooper and Louis Black, one of the people who helped find and restore Eggshells,*****Interview - in this new video interview, director Toby Hooper discusses his body of work. The interview was produced by High Rise Productions*****Trailer Reel - a gallery of trailers for Tobe Hooper"s best films,*****Book - 100-page Limited Edition exclusive perfect bound book featuring new writing on the film by John Kenneth Muir, an overview of the Chainsaw franchise by Joel Harley and an investigation of Tobe Hooper"s three-picture Cannon deal by Calum Waddell, illustrated with archive stills and posters.The Arrow Home video BR Limited Box set is a massive love letter to Toby Hooperyou also gets a Proper remastering of TX Chainsaw II that MGM was too cheap to doIf you have a region free player this is a true must have it"s hard to top this versionI don"t work for arrow video I"m a massive fan and supporter of Both Arrow and Scream Factory all horror collector"s should beScream Factor"s Newly released Collector"s EditionFirst off beautiful cover art (Scream Factory always knocks it out of the park when it comes to newly commissioned art workawesome slip case plus you get the reversible sleeve with the original "Breakfast Club Poster Art" so cool2 Disc Set it"s also the Rated X versionSpecial Features:Disc One: HD WidescreenAudio DTS-HD Master 5.1 & Original Stereo audio track New 2k HD Scan from the interpositive film element(Put it in watched 25 min. of it It looks incredible not sure if this is the same print as the Arrow video version? (This scan sold me on the upcoming Return of the Living Dead Collector"s Edition even more)**Exclusive Scream Factory New Audio Commentary with Director of Photography Richard Kooris, Production Designer Cary White, Script Supervisor Laura Kooris and Property Master Michael Sullivan* Audio Commentary with Director Tobe Hooper (Ported over from the MGM Gruesome edition dvd) awesome commentary!***Audio Commentary with Actors and Special F/X Makeup creator Tom Savini (also ported over from the Gruesome edition dvd) another very fun and enjoyable commentary track!Disc Two:Original HD Master supervised by Director of Photography Richard Kooris****New House of Pain an Interview with make-up F/X Artist,***New Yuppie Meat: A interview with the two actors who were butchered at the start of the film (very interesting)***New Cutting Moments: Interview with Editor Alain Jakubowicz***New Behind the Mask Interview with Stuntman/Leatherface performer Bob Elmore (very cool) ,***New Horror"s Hallowed Grounds -Revisiting the locations of the film (Interesting but, a little sad)It Runs in the Family -85 minute Documentary*** Alternate Opening Credit Sequence,Deleted scenes and much more...............If you are a massive Chainsaw II fan i highly recommend owning both the Arrow Home Video and Scream Factory"s blu ray editionBoth distribution companies put out ultra high quality blu-ray"s that actually care about horror fans and try to do the best they can for the fans/consumersOverall no matter which way you go Chainsaw II is a must have on the HD format 9.5/10

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