The battle of Long rã was fought on 18 August 1966. One-hundred-and-five men from D Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) & three New Zealanders from an artillery forward observation tiệc nhỏ from New Zealand’s 161 Field Battery, encountered a force of more than 2,000 Viet Cong soldiers. During the battle, 17 Australians were killed và a further 25 were wounded, one of whom later died of wounds. This was the highest number of Australian casualties incurred in any one engagement of the Vietnam War.

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The losses on the Vietnamese side were at least 245 dead, an estimated 350 wounded, và three captured.

The Australian War Memorial marked the 52nd anniversary of the battle of Long Tan and Vietnam Veterans’ Day in August 2018 with a number of moving tributes honouring the 60,000 Australian men & women who served our nation throughout the Vietnam War.

The following program of commemorations took take place at the Memorial:

This Last Post Ceremony commemorated Vietnam Veterans Day and the anniversary of the battle of Long Tan, remembering the service và sacrifice of Petty Officer O"Brian Cedric Ignatious Phillips


The original Long chảy cross and plaque erected on 18 August 1969 by 6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) on the site of 11 Platoon"s last stand in the Long tan rubber plantation. The cross was removed for use as a memorial khổng lồ a Catholic priest, Nguyen Van Chinh, và was later recovered by the Dong Nai Museum in Bien Hoa city, Vietnam. 

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"A very close thing indeed"
Wartime issue 55 feature article by Ashley Ekins

The battle of Long tan was Australia"s most costly battle in Vietnam. Read Head of Military History Ashley Ekins" article on the battle of Long Tan.

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Unique memorial - the Long tung cross
Wartime issue 55 feature article by Ashley Ekins

In the years immediately following the battle of Long Tan, the main focus of Australian task force operations gradually shifted to the more remote regions of Phuoc tuy province & beyond. Few Australians visited the site of the battle in the Long rã rubber plantation, although it lay less than five kilometres from the task force base at Nui Dat. Read more about the cross in Ashley Ekin"s Wartime article, "Unique memorial - the Long tan cross".

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"That's where it belongs - on the wall in the War Memorial"
Article by Claire Hunter

It was made of reinforced concrete and was flown in by helicopter before being set in to the red dirt at the site of Australia’s most costly engagement in the Vietnam War. But now the Long tan Cross has a new trang chủ on the white walls of the Australian War Memorial.

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"With the heel of my boot I marked the site": the story of the Long chảy cross
Article by Emma Campbell

It’s rough, scarred and made of concrete, but the Long tan cross has a beauty & poignancy that transcends its rudimentary form.

Erected in memory of the 18 young men who died in one of the most intense và dramatic actions of the Vietnam War, the cross has been adopted by veterans to lớn symbolise all Australians who died or were wounded in that conflict.

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Unveiling of the Long tung cross
Speech, Dr Brendan Nelson, 6 December 2017

"I say to lớn Vietnam veterans of Long Tan, of all of the conflicts và battles across the Vietnam War, the families who love and tư vấn you, your descendants & for Australians this cross is và will be permanently displayed," said Director Dr Brendan Nelson at the unveiling of the Long tung cross at the Australian War Memorial on 6 December 2017.