Based on the bestselling fantasy book series A song of Ice và Fire by George R.R. Martin (Hugo và Nebula Award-winning author), this sprawling drama series is set in a grounded fantasy world inhabited by ambitious men & women of both honor and ill-repute, much like our own real world.

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1.Winter Is Coming

Series Premiere. Lord Ned Stark is troubled by disturbing reports from a Night's Watch deserter; King Robert arrives at Winterfell.


2.The Kingsroad

The Lannisters plot to ensure Bran's silence; Jon & Tyrion head khổng lồ the Wall; Ned faces a family crisis en route to lớn King's Landing.


3.Lord Snow

Jon impresses Tyrion at Castle Black; Ned confronts his past & future at King's Landing; Daenerys finds herself at odds with Viserys.


4.Cripples, Bastards, & Broken Things

Ned probes Arryn's death; Jon takes measures khổng lồ protect Sam; Tyrion is caught in the wrong place.


5.The Wolf và the Lion

Ned refuses an order from the King; Tyrion escapes one perilous encounter, only lớn find himself in another.

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6.A Golden Crown

Ned makes a controversial decree; Tyrion confesses lớn his 'crimes'; Viserys receives final payment for Daenerys.

7.You Win or You Die

Ned confronts Cersei about her secrets; Jon takes his Night's Watch vows; Drogo promises lớn lead the Dorthraki khổng lồ King's Landing.

8.The Pointy End

The Lannisters press their advantage over the Starks; Robb rallies his father's northern allies và heads south to lớn war.

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