Do you know who is the toughest character in No game No Life ? If you ask me, I would say that it is Sora. Although he has numerous weaknesses in his character, he tried lớn solve every problem và protected her sister by all means.

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There are rumors that season 2 might never get aired again because it has been so long since season 1 was aired. However, you can always re-watch season 1 and read the LN or the manga to lớn remember Sora No trò chơi No Life.

But if you want a short glimpse, this article is just for you.

About No trò chơi No Life:

No trò chơi No Life tells us a story about a virtual world, created by the God of the Game. In this world of Disboard, if you want khổng lồ live, you need khổng lồ play games. Different types of games were shown here, such as chess, poker, cards, rock-paper-scissors & a few more but in all of them, the author gave his own twists.

There are games that will over your life if you cannot win the game. The battles will be because you chiến bại your land và kingdom if you thua kém the game. & in this world, the dynamic duo dedicated their life lớn save the kingdom in every aspect lượt thích politics, food management, and solving problems of the kingdom.

Who Is Sora?

Sora is an 18 years old main lead character who works together with his step-sister named Shiro. His early life was pretty hard. There isn’t much information about his hardship that much but his character and behavior explains a lot.

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Sora’s Power:

In the beginning of the show, Sora was presented as a loner & antisocial person. But when it comes to lớn gaming and the virtual world, he feels at ease and can communicate fluently. Thus, he attracts more attention from people around him.

His IQ is higher than any average person. He uses ‘Cold Reading’ technique lớn read his opponents movements. He is a quick learner and can quickly deduct và predict any plans for winning games. His memory is also pretty sharp.

After being the king, he actually ruled the Elkia kingdom pretty smoothly. With the help of only e-books, he managed to lớn solve all the political và economic problems.

Does Sora Have A Child In No game No Life?

Well, he was indeed the father of a daughter but not naturally. It was Laira Lorelei who was the empress of Siren và later formed an alliance with Elkia. She formed this alliance because the king of Elkia, Sora, helped her lớn awake from her deep sleep.

This queen has the power lớn reproduce offspring with just a single strain of men’s hair. With this power, she had a daughter with Sora.


No Game, No Life never bored me even for a second because the quick witted duo always made things interesting for us. I know it is quite frustrating for the anime-lovers since they are waiting for a second season for so long.

For those, please try reading the Light Novel to know more about the interesting life of Sora No trò chơi No Life?