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In a country called Vesparand, a new mineral with super stealth properties has been discovered which attracts Lupin"s attention. At the same time the untimely deaths of Queen Sakura and her son, Prince Gill, leave Princess Mira next in succession khổng lồ the throne. During a trip lớn Japan, Princess Mira finds her double in Ran & takes the opportunity khổng lồ trade places, which ends with Ran being spirited away lớn Vesparand with Conan, Zenigata, Kogoro Mouri, Lupin & Fujiko in tow. There they meet a waiting Jigen & solve the mystery of the deaths of the Queen and Prince.(Source: ANN)

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I just watched the "Lupin III vs Detective Conan" special và it was a lot of fun. The writers pulled off the story much better than I expected & all the characters were thoroughly integrated while the various scenes & actions all captured the respective spirits of the two franchises. Even the differences in character designs were well integrated yet all of the characters retained their traditional appearances. Khổng lồ be fair, the story was much more a Conan mystery than a Lupin adventure, but considering that "Meitantei Conan" is the series that is still on the air regularly & maintains high ratings, that shouldn't be too surprising. The overall story was quite convoluted with what appeared at first khổng lồ be divergent plot lines, but everything came together well thanks khổng lồ some nicely developed surprises. There was lots of humor in the story, particularly from the Lupin gang, but the Conan gang had some of their usual high jinks too. Since this was a later broadcast than the usual Conan timeslot there was a bit more fan hâm mộ service and more mature remarks, including a reference to lớn Ran's youthful but never-the-less quite ample "proportions". But as expected, Fujiko got to lớn show her "charms" quite extensively, và as usual Lupin got to lớn drool but not touch.One of the things that I really liked about the special was that Kogoro got khổng lồ show some competence. I always feel that it is unfortunate that Kogoro's character is depicted as being so incompetent in the TV series when the overall story line indicates that he isn't an idiot, but only acts lượt thích one because of circumstance. Fans of Lupin III will no doubt enjoy hearing all of the old gang of voice actors at it again, however, everyone's age is coming through pretty strongly in their voices. But Conan fans shouldn't feel too smug, because the voice actors in that series are getting along in years too. All that aside, the point of a collaboration lượt thích this is to lớn let the fans of both series have fun và enjoy a smart, fast paced và intelligently done piece of entertainment. Và this special did all of that well. My only regret is that we didn't get to lớn see Fujiko turn her charm on for Detective Takagi - I really wanted lớn see Takagi explain that lớn Satou!