Hik-Connect for PC is a không lấy phí application tool that works only with Hikvision models of DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras that tư vấn Cloud P2P.

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Hik-Connect also allows you lớn monitor CCTV and other sorts of monitoring cameras remotely.

The great thing about this tiện ích is that you can mix up your cameras in your workplace for example and take your vacation but still be able to lớn monitor what is happening back in your workplace.All you bởi is log in using an internet connection và then start monitoring all the cameras you have connected lớn the app.

Hick-connect can be used in homes, offices, or in any other fields that require monitoring.For the home, parents may use it to watch their kid’s activities or just to kiểm tra with the home’s security while they are away.

To use it in the office, it’s best if you get the app on your PC because it becomes easier khổng lồ view all corners of your workspace on a bigger screen.

Hik-connect was recently made available in Google play store but to lớn get it on your PC, you need an emulator as you will learn in the downloading steps at the over of the article.

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Features of Hik-Connect

Video rewind;Movement detection;24/7 đoạn phim monitoring;WI-FI port.

Our team also highly recommends checking out iVMS-4500 for PC which is also part of Hikvision production.

Get now Hik-Connect for Android

Get now Hik-Connect for iOS

Learn How to download Hik-Connect for PC / Mac / Windows

If you want lớn know how khổng lồ download Hik-Connect on PC & Mac our best solution is by using thirty-party software such as AndyOS or BlueStacks which is a không tính phí Android emulator that allows you lớn run any mobile app or tool on your computer.

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All you have to vì chưng is to tải về AndyOS or the BlueStacks tiện ích Player, install and open the software and tìm kiếm for “Hik-Connect”. Check out the following đoạn clip tutorial on how to lớn install Hik-Connect on your PC correctly.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about how to get Hik-Connect for PC và MAC. If you have any questions about the installation process leave us a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use HIK connect on PC?

Yes, you can easily use the Hik-Connect app on your PC and Mac. The best method is by using an game android emulator.

How bởi vì I tải về iVMS 4500 to lớn my PC?

All you need to vày in order to tải về iVMS 4500 on your PC is to get an app android emulating software such as Nox phầm mềm Player và run the application from the program.

How can I read the Hikvision DVR on my computer?

If you wish lớn read HikVision DVR on the PC you will have to use emulating software. We suggest using BlueStacks.

Is Hikvision software free?

Yes, it is totally không lấy phí to download. You can go to the Hikvision website và get it for free.

Which is the best Hikvision app?

The best Hikvision application is Hik-Connect. Read more about it on forestcitymalaysias.com.

What app does Hikvision use?

Hikvision uses different apps but the most popular are Hik-connect & iVMS 4500.

How can I view Hikvision in my browser?

In order khổng lồ view Hikvision on your desktop or browser, you will have to lớn use an app android app player.