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A DWG tệp tin is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) tệp tin that has been created with a program called AutoCAD, one of the most popular CAD programs on the market. It"s called DWG because it"s a shortened version of the word "Drawing" which is what a DWG file essentially is. The file itself is made up of vector data coupled with metadata and either 2 chiều or 3d CAD drawings. The DWG format was first developed in the 1970s by AutoDesk, the makers of AutoCAD, và is a format know for interoperability with other CAD software such as CATIA và Solidworks. DWG files are popular with builders, architects, designers và anyone who needs lớn create 3 chiều rendered images. With recent urbanisation he need for sophisticated architecture và planning grows by the year và so does the need for CAD. DWG files can be converted lớn many other file formats, with PDF remaining a popular target as it enables views and models to be shared easily with others.

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