Throughout the short time we’d had inVietnam upon coming to the over of da Nang we had sampled what we would considera fairly diverse range of foods. We had a taste of the fresh, vibrant South,and the punchier, richer offerings of Central Vietnamese cuisine. We’d sampledthings from rice to rice paper, snails khổng lồ beef, bread to lớn chocolate, và a fairfew in between. With a palate raised on variety & an inclination towardsSoutheast Asian flavours, we later decided at the conclusion of our trip thatVietnam had been our favourite country for eats.

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Bánh xèo (left) from Bánh Xèo Bà Tuyết and bún giết thịt nướng (right) from Bún giết Nướng Kiều Bảo.

Certainly, some of the best food we’d horked on our journey had been in Vietnam – bánh xèo, for example, was a definitive winner in da Nang, & the bún thịt nướng we’d eaten in Ho đưa ra Minh was a turning point in Noms’ life. Still, our last breakfast in domain authority Nang without a doubt, snatched up the trophy for our best breakfast in all of Vietnam. Sit down bánh mì ốp la & bò né ốp la, as bánh mì chấm steps up khổng lồ the plate.

Bánh mì ốp la (left) from Bánh Mì Hòa Mãbò né ốp la (right) at Bò Né Khanh.

To be fair, these three are essentially different flavours of the same dish, called bánh mì chảo. Originating in the Central Vietnamese thành phố of Hue, chảo refers to the hotplate on which the dish is served, much lượt thích the bò né ốp la we had at Bò Né Khanh và the bánh mì ốp la at Bánh Mì Hòa Mã. Bánh mì chấm refers khổng lồ a style of dish where you can dip the bánh mì (bread) into whatever it is served with. Consequently, these terms could be to lớn some extent interchangeable, though we don’t know enough about the Vietnamese language or culture to know the nuances that may distinguish them. We suspect that it may be regional.

We can see why Mr. Mark Wiens hailed thehumble bánh mì ốp la as hisfavourite breakfast in Vietnam – it’s downright delicious, be it simple friedeggs or a steamy hotplate of steak, meatballs, & eggs. The breakfast place wevisited might be in the same family of dishes but in terms of the flavour itwas, at least to us, a whole different ball game. It was so good we ended upvisiting twice.

Điểm trọng tâm 26

The outside of Điểm trọng tâm 26 on the corner of phố chu văn an and Huỳnh Thúc Kháng.


The details of this restaurant is a little confusing, so let’s break that down a little first. In this area there are two restaurants serving very similar dishes. One is called Bánh Mì Chấm Pate which is located at number 28 (rather than 26) which was the original location we had intended to go. We didn’t find it. Instead we went lớn Điểm Tâm at number 26 (hence, the name), believing it was Bánh Mì Chấm Pate & not noticing the difference up until we came khổng lồ recording this information.

OnGoogle Maps (as indicated on the map below), we have pinned Điểm vai trung phong 26 but also linked Bánh Mì Chấm Pate. The Google detailsfor Bánh Mì Chấm Pate are morereliable than the info for Điểm trung khu 26.If you scroll the images of Bánh Mì ChấmPate’s listing, the colourful red plates are from the elusive Bánh Mì Chấm Pate, whereas images withwhite plates show food from Điểm trung ương 26where we ate. It seems that many made the same mistake as us, with similarmix-ups on Vietnamese restaurant reviewing trang web Foody. While we’ve neverdined at Bánh Mì Chấm Pate, it seemslike a strong equivalent, & we would also highly recommend it for the styleof dish that they serve.


The outdoor cart at Điểm trung tâm 26 that acts as the kitchen.

Withouta proper Google or Foody listing it’s difficult lớn determine what is truly onoffer at Điểm vai trung phong 26. The menu postedon their cart outside offers your typical bánhmì sandwiches as well as xôi (sticky rice) with a variety oftoppings. What we were after was bánh mì chấm, the dipping style. Each portion mix usback only đ12,000 (US$0.50), with fried eggs at đ6,000 (US$0.25) for 2.

Two orders of bánh mì chấm thịt xíu (Vietnamese char siu / barbecue pork) at Điểm trọng tâm 26.

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Thefirst time we came we were served a variety with thịt xíu (Vietnamese charsiu, or barbecue pork), whereas the second (in the video), we were served amixed platter, which we suspect is the bánh mì chấm thập cẩm (“mixeddipping bread”, or bread with a combination of meats). We ate different disheson different days probably due to lớn a mistake in ordering. We don’t speak a lotof Vietnamese và had no idea what we were supposed to order.

Two plates of bánh mì chấm thập cẩm with 2 extra fried eggs.

In either case, each plate of meat also camewith a healthy serving of Vietnamese pâté (much likethe French pâté though acrumblier mix made with minced pork & chicken liver), dollops of chilli,semi-melted butter (or possibly margarine), slices of fresh cucumber, & a fewsprigs of fresh coriander, & of course a baguette each.


The best part. Again, there are no rules khổng lồ how you should eat, so longas it’s delicious. We recommend doing as locals do và dotting seasoning sauce(which is a thin brown liquid that should be in a bottle found on every table)onto the meat and eggs before tucking in. It’s salty with complex flavours ofmolasses và umami, contributing to savoury flavours that make a great disheven better.

Some bread and coriander dipped in egg, butter, & pâté.

Thehams were pretty standard Vietnamese processed meats. The thịt xíu (barbecue pork) was sweet, smoky, and savoury, with ahealthy (or not!) layer of succulent fat that we personally adored. Balance itwith the fragrant, herby coriander and a slice of crisp cucumber, and it makesfor a moreish mouthful.

Some bread dipped in runny fried egg yolk.

But with this dish being so similar to lớn bánh mì ốp la & not even served on a hotplate, what makes it somuch better? It’s the sauce. Even with the addition of Maggi and chilli sauces onthe bánh mì ốp la we’d enjoyed in HoChi Minh City, it could not compare to lớn the meaty juices that ran from the pâté, the mild, sweet-sour chilli jam, and the butter sitting at just theperfect temperature lớn be a malleable gel on the plate. Besides the meat andcucumber, everything else could be dipped into. Pinch a slice of mê man or thịt xíu in a chunkof bread, run that through the plate lớn sop up all the savoury juices, pop itin your mouth, & you have a definite winner.

Bread used to mop up the last bits of pâté of an otherwise empty plate.

This is a breakfast that we would without a doubt recommend if you’vegot a morning in domain authority Nang. Make sure you pop in long before 10am in the morningor you may be out of luck, but if you ever indulge yourself in domain authority Nang’s bánhmì chấm it’s a pretty good reasonto come back. And for the most important question: will it be the bestbreakfast you have in Vietnam? Well, that’s completely your decision khổng lồ make.

Điểm trọng điểm 26 26 Chu Văn An, Bình Hiên, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam Mon-Sun 6am-10am (though we recommend before 9.30am!) Google listing of Bánh Mì Chấm Pate which is more informative