Are seasons 1-6 of Attack on Titan on Netflix? We look at the availability around the world on Netflix which is extremely fragmented.

by Kasey Moore


Attack on Titan – Picture: Funimation

Attack on Titan is currently airing its final season và over the past few years has quickly become one of the biggest anime series of all time. As a result, it’s highly in demand & you may be wondering if you can watch on Netflix. The answer will depend on where you live và even then, the availability is wildly different. Here’s what you need khổng lồ know.

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Anime streaming rights are often frustrating lớn follow if you’re an anime fan. As with most things in the age of streaming, licenses for anime is either highly fragmented meaning you have to have a lot of subscriptions or shows just aren’t available full stop.

Attack on Titan, being the huge show that it is, is in hot demand but sadly it’s Netflix availability is very odd.

Let’s now walk through where Attack on Titan is streaming on Netflix around the globe:

Why is only one season of Attack on Titan on Netflix in the United States và Canada?

In the United States và Canada, they’ve strangely only ever had access to lớn the first season of Attack on Titan. With that said, even that season has been subject to removal over the past few years & even when it does leave, it returns pretty quickly.

The last time the series was phối for removal was back in February 2021 but that didn’t come to lớn pass. The same happened in 2019 và rumors were floated around in 2017 too.

That means Netflix US và Canada only have access khổng lồ the first 25 episodes that originally aired between April và September 2013. There’s absolutely no sign of that changing anytime soon.

As with other anime instances,

In the United States, the best way of watching the show is via Hulu và AdultSwim. Funimation, just lượt thích Netflix, only has access to lớn season 1 of the series.

In Canada, CrunchyRoll is the best (and only) way khổng lồ watch season 2 onwards.

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Why isn’t Attack on Titan on Netflix in the United Kingdom?

The removal we referred khổng lồ about above in February 2021 didn’t eventually come to pass in the US or Canada but did in the United Kingdom.

Instead, the show is available, in full, on Funimation exclusively.

Netflix in Asia Receives Weekly Episodes of Attack on Titan

Yes, that’s right. Multiple regions of Netflix has weekly drops of Attack on Titan plus the other 5 seasons available.

Regions that have access to lớn all six seasons plus weekly episodes include:

Netflix JapanNetflix MalaysiaNetflix PhilippinesNetflix SingaporeNetflix ThailandNetflix South Korea (Although they only have seasons 1, 5 and 6)Netflix Hong Kong (Only has access to season 5 & 6)Other Netflix Regions Availability of Attack on Titan

There are some other cases too.

Netflix France only has access to seasons 3 and 4 of Attack on Titan. Netflix Spain và Portgual only has access to lớn season 3.

Netflix Italy has seasons 1-5 but is not receiving weekly episodes & will likely have lớn wait until after they finish airing.

Of course, streaming licenses change all the time and with the show coming to lớn a close, it may be the case that we see more regions come và possibly some go too but we’ll keep you posted right here on What’s on Netflix.

Are you able khổng lồ watch Attack on Titan on Netflix where you live? Let us know in the comments.